A Real Estimate Provided by A Real Person

It’s easy to get an automated estimate of your home’s value these days, but wouldn’t you rather have a real person help you determine what your Myrtle Beach area home is worth? If you are considering selling your home, we’d love to give you a no-strings-attached estimate of the value of your property. Within 24 hours of your request, one of our agents – a real live person with tons of Myrtle Beach area real estate experience – will get back to you with a thoughtful estimate. With our free offer to perform a comparative market analysis on your home, we hope to meet you and have a chance to win your business!


Information About Your Home

To start the process, we will need information about your home. Things like location (in the city and on the street), size (square feet and home site), upgrades, and special features all go into determining your home’s value. If your home has ever been on the market before, the agent preparing your estimate will have information from which to start, but will also ask you if you have made improvements that could impact the value of your home.

Information About Similar Properties

Our agents have access to historical sales and current listings in your neighborhood or area, and will factor this information into your estimate. Similar properties may include homes in your neighborhood or even homes in a nearby community that competes with home listings in your area.

Current Market Analysis

Just because a home sold next door for a certain amount two months ago doesn’t mean the same house on the market today would have fetched the same price. Our agents understand the current market in the Grand Strand area – they work it every day – and they understand trends as well as the human side of the buying and selling process. This information will also factor into your home’s value.


Once we have a starting estimate we’ll present it to you, understanding that you may bring up information during this call or face-to-face meeting that could alter the analysis. Your Sands Realty agent is prepared to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and make adjustments as necessary. Our goal is to help you feel comfortable with the estimate provided. Though data is important in pricing your home, it’s not an entirely scientific process, it’s more of an art. At Sands Realty, we know that pricing is best done alongside our clients, not by an automated tool or in a vacuum. We look forward to helping you!


For immediate assistance, contact your Sands Realty agent. Alternatively, complete the contact form and a buyer specialist will be in touch with you within 24 hours. We look forward to hearing from you!

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