Popular New Home Upgrades to Request

Popular New Home Upgrades to Request

We all have specific pictures in our mind of how our dream home will look. For those that decide to buy a new construction home, the design and building process is an excellent time to make those dreams a reality. While some upgrades are better made after the fact, others are cheaper, easier and less …

How to Decide If You Should Buy or Build Your Next Home


Furniture, wall colors, landscaping—there’s a lot that goes into making a house a home. However, before any of that can begin, you have to make one important decision. Do you want to buy an existing house or build a new one? The decision isn’t as black and white as you may think, and there are …

4 Designs For Every Type of Home Entryway


With the holidays on the way, your home will soon play host to visiting family and friends. Now is the perfect time to update your entryway so guests will be wowed when they open the front door. Welcome loved ones into your home with these four entryway designs: Longer, hallway-like entryways Source Make the most …

4 Home Improvement Projects to Get Done This Fall


Fall weekends in Myrtle Beach are perfect for pumpkin carving, hayrides, football games and– you guessed it–home improvement! The milder autumn weather is ideal for getting small updates done around the house before the holidays begin. Here are four quick home improvement projects to tackle this fall: Deep clean carpets It might not be the …

The Past and Future of Open Floor Plan Homes


If you watch home design shows or peruse interior design magazines, you’ve noticed the trend toward more open spaces. The open floor plan has seen a surge in popularity in Myrtle Beach and in other cities around the country. However, if you think back to the house you grew up in or your grandparents lived …

How to Style and Stage Your Home Like a Professional

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Even the most beautifully built home won’t sell if it isn’t properly staged. However, not everyone is eager to shell out the big bucks for a professional designer to come in and restyle their home. Channel your inner interior designer and learn some of the key tips to style and stage your home like a …

How to Clean Your Kitchen Stovetop


Over the course of cooking a meal, it’s inevitable that sauces, grease and food bits will splatter all over your stovetop. No matter which type of stove you have—glass, electric coil or gas—it can be a tedious, nearly impossible task cleaning all that residual food gunk off your cooking space. Thankfully, there are tools and …

How to Pick Out the Right Kitchen Backsplash


You’ve picked countertops, flooring, cabinet colors and even the kitchen sink. What’s left to add? Even the most beautifully designed kitchen can rise the next level with the appropriate backsplash. Not only do kitchen backsplashes add style, they also serve to improve functionality and protect your walls. But with so many tile types, designs and …

5 Useful Electrical Outlet Locations In Your New Home


There’s a seemingly endless list of details to consider when building a new home. You work closely with your contractor to decide on lighting, flooring, hardware and more, but what about electrical outlets? We all use these plug-ins every day to charge and power our many devices, so why not strategically plan their placement? Avoid …

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