How to Style and Stage Your Home Like a Professional

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Even the most beautifully built home won’t sell if it isn’t properly staged. However, not everyone is eager to shell out the big bucks for a professional designer to come in and restyle their home. Channel your inner interior designer and learn some of the key tips to style and stage your home like a pro:

Everyone loves symmetry

Balance is crucial to good design. Dark colors carry a heavier visual weight than light, patterns seem heavier than solids, and textured surfaces are visually heavier than smooth surfaces. Divide each room into four equal sections in your mind and make sure each section is balanced with furniture and decorations.

Color is okay, but not everywhere

Darker or bolder colors can make a space feel cozier and more memorable. Consider painting dining rooms, home office or bedrooms a rich color that will make an impression on buyers. Deep red or even black accent walls are also visually appealing in the right room. However, stick to neutral wall colors such as whites, tans or pale blues in main living areas to maintain the flow of open rooms and don’t overwhelm the buyer.

Mix up the texture

Texture isn’t just judged by touch, but also by sight. Knit or suede throw pillows on a leather couch create visual interest. An area rug will not only bring your dining area together but also warm up wood flooring and make the space look more inviting. Flowers and placemats can make a kitchen island feel less sterile and empty.

Add a mirror or two

A well-placed mirror can save smaller rooms or areas that are poorly lit. Floor to ceiling length mirrors on either side of a fireplace double the visual size of the room. A beautiful, unique mirror hung next to a window not only provides decoration but also lets natural light reflect throughout the space.

Seating in the master bedroom

It might seem counterintuitive, but adding seating to your master bedroom makes it seem larger. Try placing an upholstered bench at the foot of your bed or an armchair in the corner of the room. It also lets the buyer picture a routine of getting ready in the room.

Hotel-style bathroom

No one wants to go in a stranger’s bathroom that looks like it’s been used recently. Take a tip for luxury hotels and freshen up your bathroom by clearing counters, replacing the toilet paper roll with a new one and place some rolled up white towels in a basket on top of the toilet or neatly folded on the counter. Replace any busy or more personalized shower curtains with white cloth ones.

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