5 Useful Electrical Outlet Locations In Your New Home


There’s a seemingly endless list of details to consider when building a new home. You work closely with your contractor to decide on lighting, flooring, hardware and more, but what about electrical outlets? We all use these plug-ins every day to charge and power our many devices, so why not strategically plan their placement? Avoid extension cord and power bar messes and consider these five useful areas to place electrical outlets in your new home:

Underneath your kitchen cabinets

You spent a week deciding which backsplash you wanted for your kitchen. Don’t ruin the aesthetics of the beautiful tile pattern with plug-ins. Instead, ask the contractor to install outlets underneath your kitchen cabinets every two to four feet. You’ll have plenty of places to plug in your mixer, coffee pot and toaster, but the outlets won’t mar the look of your kitchen backsplash.

Above the mantle

Many people like to hang their television above the fireplace mantle in their living rooms. However, once the television is mounted and plugged in, you’re left with unsightly black cords everywhere. To avoid this, place an electrical outlet above the mantle directly behind where you will hang the television. Bonus: it’s great for plugging in lights around the holidays if you like to decorate the mantle with garland.

Medicine cabinets and vanity drawers

With electric toothbrushes, razors and other hair styling tools, it can seem like there’s never enough outlet space in bathrooms. For smaller electronic grooming devices, have an outlet installed inside your medicine cabinet. For hair dryers and curling irons, install an outlet at the back of a drawer in your vanity.

On the floor in your living room

If you have a smartphone, you know just how often you’re looking for a place to plug in the charger. Install an outlet in the floor of your living room next to any couch or arm chair that won’t be against a wall. You’ll be able to charge your phone without creating a tripping hazard from the charging cord. Plus, you can cover it up with an ottoman when not in use.

Desk level in your home office

Computers, printers and internet modems all require outlets to supply them with power. However, no one wants to crawl around under their desk trying to find a plug-in for their laptop charger. Ask your contractor to place one or two electrical outlets on the wall at desk level in your home office space.

What other useful outlet placements would you want in your new Myrtle Beach house? Our contractors are always happy to work with you to make your home perfect.

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