4 Laundry Room Designs You’ll Want In Your New Home

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Laundry day. That phrase alone is enough to make many groan in dread. However, laundry day doesn’t have to be a chore if you design a laundry room you’re excited to spend time in. Check out these four stylish, functional laundry room designs to inspire your next laundry day:


Photo by Lauren McBride

The small and cozy laundry room.

If your laundry area is less of a room and more of a closet, consider a getting a front loading washer and dryer so you can utilize the space above as a table for folding and storing supplies. We love the farmhouse countertop in this laundry closet.



Photo by Ricky Rhodes for This Old House magazine

The pet-friendly laundry room.

Whether you need a convenient place to wash your dog or just like having them keep you company while you fold laundry, this pet-friendly laundry room design will fit your needs perfectly. With a cubby for the dog to lay in and a separate doggy shower, it’s a pet lover’s dream laundry room.



Photo by Nathan Taylor for Obelisk Home

The family sized laundry room. 

Sometimes laundry day is a group effort. If you have a large family and need a laundry room that can handle multiple loads of laundry a day, consider this design with space for every family member to sort their own clothes.



Photo by Michael Graydon for Style at Home

The mudroom/laundry room combo. 

Sometimes your laundry room will get more traffic than it does laundry. For laundry rooms that also serve as a mudroom from your back door, consider this design that keeps things functional, and stylish while providing ample walking space.

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