4 Designs For Every Type of Home Entryway


With the holidays on the way, your home will soon play host to visiting family and friends. Now is the perfect time to update your entryway so guests will be wowed when they open the front door. Welcome loved ones into your home with these four entryway designs:

Longer, hallway-like entryways



Make the most use of the narrow space with a DIY mudroom built-in. Not only will it make the entry more inviting, the built-in will also provide storage and hooks for your guests’ bags and coats. You can also convert a closet in the entry hallway into a coat and storage nook.

Entryways the open to a blank wall



Make the space more inviting with a repurposed desk, dresser or sofa table. Add a lamp, some seasonal decorations and a mirror on the wall above to make the space appear bigger. If you’re feeling bold, paint the wall an eye-catching color such as bright blue or cover it in shiplap for a unique texture.

Entryways that open to a set of stairs

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If the stairs wood covered with carpet, remove the carpet and refinish the wood underneath for a more modern, open look. This tutorial will help you get started on the process. Add a small bench or table to the landing or wall at the base of the stairs as the main visual focal point.

Front door opens directly into main living space



Create the feeling of a separate entry hall by strategically arranging your furniture to create a faux wall. Get a narrow hallway rug to mark the entryway path and you’ve got yourself an entryway!

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